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Corporate Gifting Trends to Maximize your ROI in 2022

It has always been important to provide your clients, customers, sales prospects and employees with gifts that make an impact by improving relationships, converting prospects and motivating employees. Now more than ever, in the absence of face-to-face meetings, it is important to invest in building and maintaining relationships in our busy world. Corporate culture has shifted from shared events to meaningful tokens. Since video calls can only get you so far, more and more companies are turning to gifting as a creative means to show appreciation, generate new business and increase brand awareness.

Corporate gifting helps with customer retention, which drives profitability and plays a key role in sales prospecting as well. Well-timed and carefully selected gifts can be a crucial part of business strategy. Receiving a gift is a powerful emotional experience that generates a sense of connection.

Here are a 5 corporate gifting trends to help you achieve a better ROI with your corporate gifting in 2022:

  1. Gift Packages and Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

Demand for branded gift boxes, custom corporate gifts and swag packs increased greatly in 2021.

With distributed teams, hybrid workforces, remote work and virtual meetings becoming commonplace, this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The power of the business gift has reached new heights. We can help your company provide the type of personalized business gifts that leave lasting impressions on sales prospects, clients and hardworking employees.

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging and Gifts

American consumers increasingly value sustainable products and eco-friendly brands. Sustainability in corporate gift giving is a fast-growing trend and we have some cost-effective ways to still provide great gifts in 2022 that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We source many high quality gift items that will be kept longer, won’t just sit on a shelf or collect dust, and are often made from sustainable and environmentally friendly material. 

  1. Choice-Based Gifting

In line with sustainability, choice-based gifting has become a fast-growing trend thanks to technology. Your gifting can be impactful and streamlined, allowing your gift recipients to choose gifts they love that suit their individual needs and lifestyle. Implementing digital codes via email, text, digital gift cards or QR codes for your corporate gifting is a great way to let employees select their own holiday and work anniversary gifts. Choice-based gifting can help your business reduce unnecessary spending and environmental waste.

  1. Locally Made and Artisan Gifting

We saw a huge trend towards gifting locally sourced, specialty food and gift items in 2021. Our most popular gifts contained USA made, handcrafted, artisan and specialty food and gift items, many of which were sourced locally in our community. There is increased popularity and a fast-growing trend towards locally sourced, organic and artisanal food gifts among younger consumers. These gifts are an easy way to leave a positive impression in 2022.

  1. A Focus on Events and Milestones

The pandemic will have long term impact on corporate gifting and one trend for future gifting strategies will be a focus on particular events and milestones, rather and on holidays, which has been a greater focus in the past. You have opportunities with employees, clients and customers throughout the year to build relationships and increase brand awareness. Be strategic to get the most ROI with your corporate gifts this year.

To make the most of your corporate gifting budget this year, we suggest following these trends and outsourcing much of your corporate gifting process to reduce unnecessary expenditures and save valuable staff time.

Morgan May can help make your corporate gifting program more efficient with custom gift services tailored to you and your business. Contact us to maximize the ROI or your corporate gifting budget in 2022.

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