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Valentine's Day Inspiration

Psst...Valentine's Day is a few weeks away! 
Here is a fun little list of ideas we put together for you so you can plan ahead for Valentine's Day:

1. Set aside some time together for doing something you both love. A walk, cooking dinner, watching a movie, planning a trip

2. Breakfast in bed (you might even want to surprise them the day before since Valentine's Day lands on a Monday this year, but we also want to remind you that will be Super Bowl Sunday!) 

3. If your loved one has a hectic schedule maybe some quiet time is just what they need

4. Plan a Wine & Chocolate tasting 

5. Send them on a treasure hunt for their gift

6. Create a playlist together that you both love (We love creating shared playlists on Spotify)

7. Take an online class together (cooking class, mixology, gardening, photography...)

AND...If you're looking for some great Valentine's gifts for your loved ones, we put together some perfectly sweet gifts for you to choose from. 

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