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No Place Like Home

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No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home

We are so excited about this No Place Like Home gift box!

It is stuffed full of delicious goodies made right here in Whatcom County and is available for pick up or delivery!

We think it makes the perfect 'welcome to town' gift, thank you gift or to send a piece of our home to someone across the country!


Woods Coffee beans - Medium roast whole bean coffee with a delicate sweetness, and hints of cinnamon. It features semi-sweet cocoa characteristics with a dry finish. Roasted in Bellingham. 

Flying Bird Botanicals Whatcom Chamomile loose leaf tea - Naturally sweet chamomile flowers and nourishing lemon balm gently support digestion and promote relaxation. There’s a reason so many people love Chamomile tea. Made in Bellingham.

Flying Bird Botanicals Farm & Forest tea - Wholesome herbs harvested and foraged to create a lush, lemony, minty cup of comfort. Made in Bellingham.

Wood handle tea infuserpop some leaves into the ball (the joint clasp will keep them from getting out) and stir them around your mug with the wooden handles.

PNW Honey - Far from agriculture, traffic and industry the bees that made this honey happily forage on fireweed, alpine heather and alpine blossoms in the pristine mountains of the Pacific Northwest Cascades.

Wooden honey dipper - to dip in your delicious PNW honey.

Drizzle Tuscan Herb Olive Oil - A delicious blend of herbs, sundried tomatoes and garlic infused olive oil. This versatile oil is so delicious you will want to use it in everything. Made in Bellingham.

Drizzle Neapolitan Herb balsamic vinegar - Zesty and versatile, this savory herb balsamic has just enough acidity to shine in a multitude of culinary applications. Try it drizzled on roasted vegetables, fresh sliced tomatoes, creamy cheeses, or as a marinade for poultry, steak, or mushrooms. We also love this to spike a Bloody Mary! Made in Bellingham.

Anytime Toffee - Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth toffee, made with 60% cacao dark chocolate and graced with sea salt flakes. Made in Ferndale.

Acacia wood snack bowl - perfect for nuts and toffee.

Gold coffee scoop and bag clip - Ground coffee measuring spoon/scoop with bag clip.


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